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Hail forms when frozen water drops are lifted in turbulent winds during thunderstorms. As these frozen droplets fall to earth, they eventually increase in size. The combination of wind and gravity creates a force likely to damage your roof. Even hail small size can create enough roof damage to require roof replacement.


-If the hail was smaller than an inch, or about the size of a quarter, it can cause damage to asphalt roofs but be difficult to identify.

-If it is between 1-2 inches or the between the size of a quarter and an egg, damage can be easily identified and will have most likely damaged any soft metal on the roof.

-Hail larger than 2 inches will most certainly guarantee damage to your roof.


There are three signs of hail damage. Missing Granules, Bruising and Circular Cracking. Missing Granules will show the black layer underneath them if they’ve been damaged. Bruising is when indentations or   dimples on the shingles are present. If you feel something spongy, as you would with a bruised tomato, this indicates roof damage. Finally, when hail is large enough, actual cracking of your roof can occur. This damage can severely compromise your roof and make it susceptible to water infiltration. If you have experienced a hail storm and are wondering if your roof has sustained hail damage, please contact us right away. The longer you way wait means the less chance you may have to be accepted for coverage for any loss that may have occurred. Most insurance companies will try to enforce a denial in coverage if the loss is not reported within the policies limits.


We will then schedule an appointment that is convenient for you to inspect your roof. One of our trained consultants can discover hidden damage and separate hail damage from natural wear and tear.


Our company offers free inspections and also specializes in the insurance claim process.

The quality of your roof is important in maintaining the structural integrity of your home so don’t let potential damage go unnoticed.


A new roof can also increase the value of your home and make you the envy of your neighbors!

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