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Model: Nisby fullback / thermal wall

Product Description:

If you are thinking of putting siding on your house, it is as important to know what goes under the siding as it is to know the quality of the vinyl siding itself. Obviously, you wouldn't dream of buying an automobile without looking under the hood. Any building is only as good as the foundation that it is built upon. 

Yet millions of home owners have had vinyl siding installed without a thought about the foundation or underlayment beneath the siding which is vitally important to the future appearance of their home. 

ThermoWall was created to make vinyl siding solid, to support the profile, and to prevent sagging, while keeping the laps flat and closed. Cut to the exact contour of the panel, it offers for the first time, an exclusive custom wall system that cuts air infiltration, increases "R" value, and gives the home owner a solid wall that looks like wood and is solid like wood. 
All siding, when properly and carefully installed, will give you a new home at the same address the day the job is completed.The question is, how long will it continue to look new and beautiful?
Would you spend literally thousands of dollars for vinyl siding if you knew that it would warp on your wall and end up with seams or laps opening up and looking like this?? With traditional backers, the question is not if this could happen, but when! Because vinyl siding has a tremendous expansion and contraction ratio, it is not nailed, but needs to be hung so that it can expand or contract or, literally, float. But the fact is that behind your siding is nothing but air. Push on it or have something hit it and it will push in. After a time, it will stay that way, since there is no firm support behind it. 
Would you be upset if this happened to your home? At what price would this have been a good value for you?

Many siding contractors today have switched from paper underlayments to products made from foam that comes in flat sheets. Although this costs more, it does create a better siding job. These sheets create a smooth flat wall to hang the siding from, thus creating a better wall line and appearance. Plus, the sheets do have an "R" value thereby adding insulation to the house, reducing drafts and saving on heat loss. Although this is a better way of doing the job, there is still a problem. There is nothing behind the vinyl siding panel. It has to give!  

No matter how careful the crew, no matter how good the quality of installation, it will happen! The nature of vinyl is that it expands and contracts; it changes shape. Clearly, it will push in, buckle or sag and is susceptible to open laps. It is inherent in vinyl siding. Again, it is not if, but when.

Now, for the first time, there is a new exclusive patented product that will not only give you a new home at the same address the day the job is completed, but virtually forever! It's for the people who want the very best for their home and are willing to pay a little more to get it. With ThermoWall, you have, greater impact resistance, a beautiful straight wall line, and tight laps. Because it is custom formed and solid, you get and keep a great looking wall. As well, ThermoWall cuts air infiltration by 17% and has a system "R" value of up to 5.5... three times that of the most commonly used foam backers. Wouldn't you rather look at a wall that looked like this?

Many people ask, "Why has no other siding company shown me a product like this?" The answer is not only that it is new, but it is patented and available only through one manufacturer. In this area, that manufacturer offers the product through Nisby only.

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