Insurance Restoration Claim Process

Model: Nisby restorations

Product Description:

Call us for your storm damage inspection:

 • We will come by your property and give you a thorough damage (hail or wind) inspection and one of our Project Managers will inform you of our discoveries during the inspection


Getting Started:


 • After our inspection you (the property owner) must call the claim into your insurance company. Inform your insurance company of the date of loss and  let them know that a qualified contractor (Nisby Home Renovations) has found hail or wind damage to your property.

• Be sure to ask for an insurance claim number when you call.

• Inform your Nisby Project Manager of the claim number. This is the only way Nisby can track your claim and communicate with the assigned adjuster.   


Call our office and inform your Project Manager when the insurance adjuster will be at your property:


 • When the adjuster calls and schedules an appointment, call our office with the appointment time, adjuster's name and phone number.

• We prefer that the homeowner be present for this inspection to discuss any concerns or questions regarding the property damage, but is not necessary as long as there is no interior water damage.

• We will work with the adjuster to identify the damage.

• While the adjuster represents your insurance company, we will be there working for you.


Reviewing your project summary:


• Reviewing the Loss Summary Report with your Nisby Project Manager insures that the agreed scope of damage is complete and accurate.

 • Your Project Manager will thoroughly explain the Replacement Cost Value, the Actual Cash Value, and the Recoverable Depreciation to you (the property owner).


Property owner authorizes the work to be done:


• After reviewing the Loss Summary Report with you, the Project Manager will go over the work to be done.

• At this time the property owner will pick product and color choices and make any decision for the repairs or upgrades in services not covered by the insurance claim.



Your Project:


• Your Project Manager will keep you informed as to the anticipated installation schedule.

• Prior to project start, the homeowner will be notified of material delivery.

• Roofing projects normally can be completed in 1-2 days.

• Siding projects can vary greatly. A siding project may take as little as 1 day or up to 2 weeks depending on size and damage.

• Gutters normally take 1 day.

• Scheduling between trades usually will result in time gaps between each trade for the project. The normal order for installation is roof, siding, fascia, trim, and gutters.

• At this time the homeowner will pick product and color choices and make any decision for the repairs or upgrades in services not covered by the insurance claim.




• Your insurance company will send you your first payment which is the Actual Cash Value (ACV) on your Loss Summary Report. This is the down payment check that will be collected from your project manager while reviewing your Loss Summary Report. 

• Upon completion of the project, our company will send a Notice of Completion to your insurance company requesting the remaining funds be released. This includes all depreciation amounts withheld from the loss summary report. Once again, this money will be sent to you. At this time, we require you to send the remaining balance including any upgrades and deductibles. 

• The balance is the Actual Cash Value (ACV), plus the Depreciation, plus the Deductible. When you add all of these amounts together your total will equal the Replacement Cost Value (RCV) on your Loss Summary Report.

• Warranties are delivered upon completion of job and receipt of full payment.


What to Expect:


• There will be materials delivered to your home and normally placed in the driveway. (unless instructed otherwise)

• With any construction project, please be prepared for loud noise and constant hammering. Please keep children and pets away from the work area!!!

• Remove all loose items from shelving and walls (pictures, mirrors, figurines). Vibration from the hammering may cause items to fall and break.

• For each day it rains, work on your home will be delayed. Our crews are instructed not to tear-off more than they can replace in one day so that your home is not exposed to inclement weather.

• We take every precaution to protect your landscaping. However, please understand due to steep roof lines and the design of your home some flowers and branches could be damaged. All potted plants, patio furniture, toys, anything that could be hit by falling debris should be moved.

• All debris will be loaded into dump trailers and removed upon completion of work. Job site clean-up includes running a magnetic roller to pick-up any loose nails or staples. Please be advised a few hidden nails in the grass or shrubbery may remain. We make every effort to leave your home in a neat and clean appearance.

• We always make every effort to make the project run smoothly with the least amount of inconvenience for you and your family. We treat your home the way we expect ours to be treated which is with the utmost respect.

• A job well done!

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